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Quotes from Camelot

May 30, 2010

I’m not accomplished at thinking so I have Merlyn do it for me. ~ King Arthur

Knights gathering…flowers…your Majesty? ~ Lancelot

Tell me, Milord, have you come into contact with humility lately? ~ Guenevere to Lancelot, after he has professed his prowess to all present

We Pellinores are a tenacious lot. When I get my teeth into something, I sometimes have to leave them there. ~ King Pellinore

The toughest one last eh? You know, Mrs Queen….you’re a prince! ~ Pellinore, when Guenevere tells him the order of the jousts.

Do you know what he did to me once? Mother had a youth potion that took off ten years. When I was nine, he gave it to me. ~ Mordred,  speaking of his step father, King Lot

The adage “Blood is thicker than water”  was invented by undeserving relatives. ~ King Arthur to Mordred

Arthur, you bring the bows and arrows, and I’ll bring the sandwiches. ~ King Pellinore to King Arthur regarding hunting the next day

I want to find that bird, what? I mean, if you his a bird with an arrow, it ought to fall down like a gentleman…..unless it’s a ladybird. ~ King Pellinore

I say, Arthur. Who are you waving at? ~ King Pellinore to King Arthur who is feeling around an invisible wall put there by Morgan le Fey

Look here Morbid, or whatever your name is. I don’t know what slushes through that swampy little mind of yours, but while the King is away, I am in charge of this castle.  And I’m no a believer in all this civil law nonsense.  You make one false move, and you’ll face the jury in two sections, what? Carry the head in myself. Gladly. Oh, wouldn’t I love that! You medieval delinquent! ~ King Pellinore to Mordred, as he is searching for Lancelot and Guenevere


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